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Thu Oct 14, 2010

'An avalanche, a transformation...' by Declan Long

Article written for Circa magazine's new online 'Criticism' issue:

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Wed Oct 13, 2010

Thu Sep 30, 2010

Drawing and different mediums by Francis Halsall

Some people asked about the paper I gave at the Lismore, Gerard Byrne event. Here is a longer version of the work in progress. drawing.pdf

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Fri Mar 12, 2010

Holding Space: on the work of Kennedy/Browne, by Declan Long

Essay included in the catalogue for Ireland's representation at the Venice Biennale, 2009.

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Tue Feb 09, 2010

Power to the People

A response to the Radical Philosophy conference by Edia Connole

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Wed Jan 27, 2010

Aesthetics and the Good Society


This is a work in progress, but it makes reference to Mark Fisher's "Capitalist Realism" so might be one way into a discussion on his work. This can be discussed further via the topic in the blog:

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Sun Jan 24, 2010

papers on Luhmann, systems theory and art by Francis Halsall

Following the class on Luhmann, here is the paper I presented recently on Luhmann and the art of Phil Collins.


Also, there is another paper on Danto and Luhmann that was published at an online conference:

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Tue Dec 15, 2009

Edia Connole interviews Clodagh Emoe

Artist Clodagh Emoe talks to Edia Connole about God, breaking the law, the Event and the ritual as important 'technologies' and her new solo show, Cult of Engagement, at Project, December 18th - January 30th 2010.

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Tue Dec 01, 2009

Wed Nov 25, 2009

Article on art and the state

The art of the state

And here are two letters to the editor responding to it:


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